The usability of spraying has increased in recent years. As the painting industry advances into the twenty first century, better and more productive spaying techniques are developed. Many surfaces, which were always painted using rollers or brushes are painted by spraying machines.

Industrial spaces have pipes and studs that are usually exposed and can be painted using spraying techniques. This will save the customer time, paint and money. Fragile surfaces such as popcorn ceilings will react better to spray painting.

When painting plaster or stucco ceilings there is always a risk for them to collapse-spray painting can prevent that from happening. This is usually true with older stucco popcorn ceilings. Popcorn ceilings have a tendency to collapse when painted especially if the stucco is dry. When spraying the surface gently, there is a better chance to preserve the stucco and not cause any damage. Spraying is a method, which can save time, money, paint, and make surfaces look better than when using traditional painting techniques.